FUSATOX Network, Seminar 19-20 October

MycSA organized this meeting between research and development, to review the latest advances concerning Fusarium and its mycotoxins in cereals.

Our guest speaker was Tim Dumonceau @AAFC_Canada. He showed us his exciting research on
Taxonomic and mechanistic analysis of plant-microbe interactions: Implications for biocontrol. In particular, the potential of Chaperonin 60 (cpn60) and a demonstration of the interest of a large collection of environmental microbes.

Louis Carles from MycSA and Toan Bao Hung Nguyen from LUBEM completed the session with a project to study the impact of mycotoxins on wheat-associated bacteria, and results on the dynamics of microbiota and Fusarium species, with a view to biocontrol.

Marie-Hélène Robin (EI Purpan) and Jean-Michel Savoie presented the results of the Myco3C project, which focuses on mycotoxin control levers in organic cereal production chains using farmers' varieties and selling through short distribution channels.

The use of natural molecules was highlighted, with the example of Valentin Leannec-Riallant's work on tick defensins, presented by Laetitia Pinson-Gadais.

The important question of the consequences of climate change was discussed by Marie Foulongne Oriol and well illustrated with 3 presentations of results from the Evoltox project, by Agathe ROUCOU (ARVALIS) Marie-Anne Garcia and Niels HOCQUEMILLER.


Modification date: 20 October 2023 | Publication date: 20 October 2023 | By: Communcation MycSA