the staff of MycSA

the staff of MycSA

Our research data are produced thanks to the work of women and men employed by INRA, but also by University of Bordeaux, or private companies. They contribute to the education of many students during their training periods.
Management :

Director: Florence RICHARD-FORGET

Administrative & Financial Management : Corine GRIMALDI, Marie-France NEVEUX

IT resources & bio-informatics : Thierry GIBARD


Scientific activities


Gérard BARROSO –  Fungal mitochondria genetics

Louis CARLES - Microbial Ecology - Plus

Marie FOULONGNE-ORIOL – quantitative genetics, génomics

Nadia PONTS – Genomics, Epigenetics

Florence RICHARD-FORGET –  Biochemistry, metabolomics

Jean-Michel SAVOIE  – Microbiology, Mycology (ORCID, HALL)



Maïder ABADIE - Microbial ecology, molecular biology - Plus

Vessela ATANASOVA-PENICHON –  Biochemistry, metabolomics, mycotoxin analyses

Stéphane BERNILLON - Metabolomics, analysis of Biomolecules

Christophe BILLETTE –Fonctionnal Genomics, fungal biodiversity

Fabien DUMETZ - molecular biology, microbiology

Anne GOUBET - molecular biology  - Plus

Laetitia PINSON-GADAIS –  Molecular biology, mycologie, Fusarium collection management.

Lab Technicians

Marie Noëlle BONNIN-VERDAL –  Chemical and biochemical analyses

Christine DUCOS – Molecular biology, Q-PCR, Mycology

Nathalie GALLEGOS - Chemical and biochemical analyses, Microbiology

Magalie MOINARD – Mycology, Molecular Biology, Fungal genetic ressources

PhD students

Valentin FIEVET - Compositional dynamics of Meta-Fusarium sp. (a mixture of 7 Fusarium species) and its production of secondary metabolites under abiotic stresses. Plus

Elise FORGUES - Impact of agroforestry in field crops on fungal pathogen populations: possible consequences for Fusarium graminearum. Plus

Marie-Anne GARCIA - The adaptive potential of toxigenic Fusarium species in the face of climate change. Plus

Karen JACQUOT - Gene networks and mycotoxin production by a Meta-Fusarium. Plus

Marine NAVARRO -Molecular talk through smRNAs between toxigenic Fusarium species and their fungal partners modulating interactions in the cereal grain microbiota

Aurélie TOUYA - Regulation of the biosynthesis of Enniatins, emerging mycotoxins, by Fusarium avenaceum. Plus


Jessica Erazo: Links between temperature acclimation of NIV-producing strains of Fusarium cerealis from Argentina and their metabolome.

In this folder

Ingénieure d’étude ((Research assistant)
PhD student INRAE | Université de Bordeaux - Doctoral School of Life and Health Sciences No. 154
PhD INRAE| Université de Bordeaux - Genetics and Ecophysiology of fungi
PhD INRAE | Université de Bordeaux -
PhD student INRAE | Université de Bordeaux -
Research Scientist, INRAE, Microbial Ecology

01 February 2024


Assistant engineer in biological experimentation and instrumentation, specializing in NGS sequencing
PhD INRAE | Université de Bordeaux

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