Ingénieure d’étude ((Research assistant)


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Background: Graduated in 2014 with a Masters in Microbiology at Toulouse University, Maïder has worked on numerous research projects with an emphasis on microbial ecology, characterisation of microbial populations with a functional interest and the culture of bacteria, archaea and fungi. Most of her research focus is targeted on the impact of the different microbiomes in the agricultural field: valorisation of agricultural waste using microbial consortia, the influence of agricultural practices on the soil microbiome, using an entomopathogenic fungus as a biocontrol agent against a maize parasite and more recently the interaction of the commensal microbes of stored cereal grains with mycotoxin-producing agents.


Main projects and research focus

Research focus : Studying microbial populations occurring during the storage of grains (barley, wheat and feed) in soil pits (buried silos) and the dynamics of mycotoxin-producing fungi with these consortia.

Ongoing projects and collaborations

* SilArchéoBio Project: Grain storage in underground soil pits in the pre-industrial era: learning from experimental archaeology and biology.

Competences : Molecular Biology, microbial cultures, preparation and analysis of high-throughput sequencing.





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