Welcome Aurélie


Welcome Aurélie

Winner of the SVS doctoral school competition, University of Bordeaux, Aurélie Touya joins the MycSA team for 3 years

Aurélie introduces herself:

Fascinated from a young age by life sciences, I love understanding how biological processes work from a molecular point of view. After completing a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Microbiology in Toulouse, I moved to Bordeaux to pursue a Master's degree in Microbiology-Immunology, as I am convinced that micro-organisms are a source of solutions to a variety of problems.

Since I am highly concerned by the current environmental issues, I chose to intern in companies or laboratories working on finding durable eco-friendly solutions for those challenges. I spent two months in the start-up Dionymer, where I worked on the production of plastic polymers from biowaste using bacterial fermentation. I also had the opportunity to investigate the use of vine co-products as biocontrol agents, as well as study the interaction between a bacterium and the phytopathogenic fungus Fusarium graminearum.

I'm now embarking on a 3-year journey (a PhD in microbiology) during which I’ll be studying the biosynthesis of emerging mycotoxins, enniatins, by Fusarium avenaceum and Fusarium tricinctum. My job will be to study the impact of abiotic factors such as oxidative stress on this biosynthesis, but also to decipher the molecular mechanisms involved. The aim of this project is to enrich our knowledge of enniatin production, particularly with regard to biosynthesis regulation. Ultimately, the identification of precise molecular targets could bring to light potential levers for action to reduce the production of enniatins by mycotoxigenic fungi of the Fusarium genus.

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